I have a critical lesson for you today about setting and achieving your goals.
As the subject line suggests – if you get this part WRONG you are in trouble i.e. you will fail to reach your goal.
Lose Body Fat?  Drop 10 kilos??  Gain Muscle? Improve strength? Improve flexibility? 

Not if you get this wrong. But first, a quick story:

(If you live outside Victoria and have zero knowledge of the AFL – please bear with me.)
Having grown up with the game and played it for so long i always wondered why people didn’t like it or have an interest in it. Everybody thats knows me knows i’m a fully fledged carlton supporter and will be till the day i die, my love for the game has always been pure. After going to my first game at princess park at the age of 3 sitting on dads shoulders and witnessing some of the best players to ever play still ring in my ear and memories still come back. Not so much was the memory of crying and wetting my pants and then having to tell my dad to leave the game early because i peed my pants and some of the pee went on his shoulders but hey thats my story i guess. My passion for the sport has defiantly dwindled over the years, from concentrating on my PT Business, having to deal with this stupid Essendon drug saga, the constant need to change rules has defiantly made me switch off the footy and concentrate elsewhere. 

Anywho, the ‘pre-season tournament’ is in full swing. Most sports have them. For the AFL this is called the NAB Challenge. So I checked out the Blues NAB Challenge fixture against Essendon last weekend on TV.
The Blues had a whole new side in so I thought it would be great to see them in action after a long Summer of no footy …
My overall impression of the game: MEANINGLESS.
As in, none of the players or coaches really seemed to CARE.
Not the way they do when competition points are on the line …. The results was carlton lost by 10 goals.
Why? because nobody cared about game, players said it didn’t matter. This is suppose to be professional sport? 
Here is the official NAB Challenge blurb to highlight my point:
“The NAB Challenge will take place over a four-week period, with each club playing three friendly’ matches prior to the 2016 home-and-away campaign.”
“Unlike previous pre-season tournaments, the NAB Challenge will not declare a winner and will instead act purely as a warm-up for the regular season.

Friendly matches. With no winner. Excellent.
Great way to inspire the competitive drive of the players …NOT.

Critical lesson in YOUR health and fitness goals If your end-goal has no meaning to you, your chance of achieving that goal goes way down.
As in, pretty much to ZERO.
So how do you avoid this and ensure you achieve your Fitness Goals?
Figure out your WHY.
WHY do you want to improve?
WHY do you want to get fitter / get out of pain / lose weight / get healthier????
With every goal you are working towards, ask yourself: WHY?
Why do I want to achieve this?
What is my underlying motivation?
What is my burning desire?
And what is going to fuel my progress when things get tough along the way (because they always do …!!!)
Bear in mind the answers to these questions will be different for everyone.
But they MUST underpin your goals.

Patrick David