Lose Weight with Daylight Savings

So it’s been in place for about 2 weeks now ….and it’s only just beginning to feel ‘normal’. There’s no more distinguishing between ‘old time’ and ‘new time’…

Of course, I’m talking about …Daylight Savings.

The convention that gets us to move our clocks forward one hour, resulting in more daylight at the end of each day. Some people dread this ‘spring forward’ tradition, because it means getting one less hour of sleep (obviously this should only be a short term concern…)

But let’s take the glass half full approach:

You can actually take advantage of the time change to lose weight and help you improve your overall fitness and health routine

The ENORMOUS bonus of daylight savings

The sunlight has a profound impact on our bodies, particularly two hormones that control mood and energy: serotonin and melatonin.

Serotonin tends to boost moods and energy, while melatonin tends to make you feel sleepy. Too much of it can even lead to depressed feelings in some people.

Winter depression is a common disorder that many people suffer with during the long, dark winter months and it is often directly tied to the effect of less daylight, less serotonin and too much melatonin (not to mention dwindling Vitamin D levels).

When sunlight is plentiful (such as during the late spring and summer months), you will produce more serotonin and less melatonin; contrastingly when sunlight is less available (during fall and winter), you will produce less serotonin and more melatonin.

The result can be a dramatic shift in your overall feelings of well-being and energy. 

You will likely find that you have more energy and motivation when the days begin to lighten and lengthen.

Make the longer days work for you!

Have you struggled to work out this winter? Has your motivation been weak? Less daylight may be the reason.

If you didn’t head into autumn and winter last year with a solidly entrenched fitness habit, you may have lost motivation and spent the winter merely wishing that you were working out rather than actually doing it.

Long-term fitness and the results this brings are the result of having a fitness routine and sticking with it. Once a habit becomes part of your life, it is easy to keep it up, even if your motivation and energy drop from time to time, as they surely will – this is particularly so in autumn and winter.

NOW is the perfect time to begin building healthy exercise habits and getting some results! 

Take advantage of the longer days and increased sunlight. As we get closer to late spring and summer, the days will get longer and longer, which will give you more time and opportunity to work out.

The increased serotonin and Vitamin D in your body will boost your mood and energy, giving you the motivation to create an exercise routine and create some results.

Get serious about this routine, so that by the time autumn rolls around in a few months, you will be firmly entrenched in your healthy lifestyle.

A solid fitness habit will carry you through the dark days of winter when energy and motivation lag, and you will finish the winter strong.

Get started now!

Patrick “spring-in-his-step” David