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Stay up-to-date news and articles that can help you lose
and stay fit inside and out

Stay up-to-date news and articles that can help you lose and stay fit inside and out

Commit To Being Fit

Make the Commitment to be FIT! Health and fitness starts with your mind. Ask any athlete or fit person what the number one secret is to his or her success at fitness, and they will tell you it is commitment. Commitment means you are in it for the long haul. Commitment...

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How to Prevent Impulse Eating

How to Prevent Impulse Eating You’re not alone…it’s happened to all of us! Let me lay down the scenario for you: you are away from home running errands or you are out late because you had to stay at work longer. And you realise that you are hungry. I’m not...

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Lose Weight with Daylight Savings

Lose Weight with Daylight Savings So it’s been in place for about 2 weeks now ….and it’s only just beginning to feel ‘normal’. There’s no more distinguishing between ‘old time’ and ‘new time’… Of course, I’m...

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Diaphragmatic (Belly) Breathing

Diaphragmatic (Belly) Breathing Your thoracic diaphragm is the main engine for breathing, supplemented by the accessory muscles of your chest and abdomen. It is also an important postural muscle with functional connections to your pelvic floor. We’ll go over...

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Burning Calories Fat!

BURNING CALORIES FAST! In general, I’m not a huge fan of the old ’10 Ways to Lose Weight Today’ … Partly because the theme has been done to death. But mainly because I don’t think it actually helps you lose weight and get fit. I just...

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30 Days of Gratitude

What happens when you express gratitude for 30 days? I often think about how lucky I am; how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful country, for my family, for the house I live in and the food that’s on the table every single day. I think I’m a grateful person, I...

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The Power of Power Naps

POWER NAPS – WHY YOU NEED THEM There are few things as important to the body as SLEEP. Or more technically, maintaining a healthy Circadian Rhythm and how to respect nature’s laws when it comes to your sleep and wake cycles. It’s one of the 6...

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The Unspoken Truth & Myths About Cholesterol

THE UNSPOKEN TRUTH & MYTHS ABOUT CHOLESTEROL  Hi <<First Name>> In a survey conducted by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the vast majority of Americans (76 percent) said they had had their cholesterol level checked at least...

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Make Your 2017 Your Best Year Yet

  Hi <<First Name>> It’s Time for a New Beginning….a new 2017 beginning! 2017 is the start of a new year with new goals and new benchmarks to strive for. As the world wakes up and leaves the holiday season behind, our minds feel energized,...

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How to Fight Muscle-Loss as you Age

How to Fight Muscle-Loss as you Age When you think of a typical older person, one thing likely comes to mind: frailty.  Even if you can’t really identify any obvious illness, there is something about most elderly people that communicates frailty and weakness. They...

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Whats Your WHY!

I have a critical lesson for you today about setting and achieving your goals. As the subject line suggests – if you get this part WRONG you are in trouble i.e. you will fail to reach your goal. Lose Body Fat?  Drop 10 kilos??  Gain Muscle? Improve strength?...

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Why People Avoid Public Speaking

THE FEAR OF PUBLIC SPEAKING AND WHY SO MANY AVOID IT.  So many people have the fear of talking in front of a group of people and most try to stay away from the opportunity when it arises. Fear of public speaking is the most common of all phobias. It’s a form of...

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Don’t Fall Into This Trap

It seems like only last week I was writing about the dangers of the dreaded “cold weather weight gain”.  But if you live anywhere north of Tasmania, this week has thrown us some slightly warmer, spring-like temperatures which are great for getting outside and great...

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A Little Patience Goes A Long Way

Happy Hump Day! For some of you this is the first full week back at work since our break. Its Wednesday, you slump at your desk, you dont really want to be on the tools on a day like today, you’re tired, irritated and wondeing..

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Training In Heat

Summer is over! But that doesn’t mean hot days aren’t coming, in order for you to achieve your goals while its still hot you will have to do these certain things. Common warnings involve avoiding the heat…

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A New Year For A New You

I hope you had a fabulous Christmas break with friends, family and food…and not too much of any one thing! New Year 2016 is upon us, the traditional time of year for looking back and reflecting over the past year and looking forward to the new one coming. Did you make...

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What Is Leadership?

This week i’m going to talk about leadership and how it can come in many different forms and not the ones we all know. If you ask people to describe leadership you’ll most likely hear similar answers such as when a…

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