What happens when you express gratitude for 30 days?

I often think about how lucky I am; how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful country, for my family, for the house I live in and the food that’s on the table every single day. I think I’m a grateful person, I mean, I acknowledge how wonderful my life is, the freedom I have, the choices I am able to make and the positive opportunities which are presented to me.

As I already know that I’m very fortunate in comparison to those in need, and knowing this, I was a little reluctant to start the 30-day gratitude meditation led by Tony Robbins. I honestly felt like I didn’t really need to complete the challenge. Why should I? I already feel pretty grateful.  But, I decided to take on the challenge anyway, and here’s what happened within my 30 Days of Gratitude.

Each day, you are encouraged to meditate for 15 minutes, after you wake up with a meditation that is guided by Tony; the meditation is actually a ‘priming’ exercise used to get you in the zone first thing in the morning.

The morning mediation guide starts with deep and rapid breathing exercises, followed by physically feeling your heart by placing both hands on your heart and focusing into the heart centre.  As you focus on your heart, you begin to see the ritual for all its grandeur. Tony’s voice asks you to feel this incredible muscle, this amazing instrument, this gift of life that has been beating from the very moment I was born, has never stopped, and as long as it beats – I stay alive. WOW — I had never felt gratitude like that before; I began to feel the emotion swelling in my eyes.
During the guided meditation, Tony asks you to step-into three moments in your that you’re grateful for. Not just think about, but to really step-in to these moments as if you were there. See the faces, the colours, the smells and the sounds, to completely transport and to be there, now.

My first thought is always my childhood. I think of the times when I was little and how much I appreciate the young years of my life.  There is a moment when I was little and the lessons I learnt by my parents and siblings and the way we grew up. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family and their playful, excitable mannerisms, but I’m sure all you understand that it’s a special kind of love sometimes a love/hate relationship.

Within my meditation, I see my little face, my eyes opened, relaxed, I’m breathing deeply and running around chasing my brother, running into a wall splitting my tongue right open; this seemingly small experience of childhood, has got to be one of the best moments. It’s at this time, that the real, raw gratitude hits me. It overcomes me like a wave of emotions, a blanket of calmness comes over me, and I’m at peace. My body relaxes, my mind is at ease, and I hold within me, the reassuring notion that everything will be all right no matter what the crisis that may be going on at that moment.
This is gratitude.

I precede the same exercise with two more memories. One being the time I lived in America and all the lessons I learnt with my time being over there for 2 years and the other being the day I opened my Personal Training Business. The morning mediation comes to an end and I come out of the priming exercise totally in love with my life, I am regenerated and I am focused.

But, the morning ritual was not the most amazing part of practicing gratitude every day for a month. I was near the end of my 30-day challenge, and one night, I was sitting at the dinner table with my family during a family dinner. As I looked over to my family, my brother Adam and I look at each other and instantly felt gratitude.

I looked at my parents, Gratitude. I looked at my amazing girlfriend, Gratitude. I look at the plate of food in front of me.

I was filled with love and appreciation that I couldn’t not feel grateful, the 15-miniute-morning meditation exercise I had been practicing had spilled over into my daily life. Everywhere I looked, I saw something to be grateful for, it was like my brain had been re-wired and had recalibrated myself to feel incredible gratitude towards the every norm.

The peace that I felt during my practice stayed with me every day; my life had changed, but yet it was still the same, it dawned on me that like many things in life, gratitude takes work. It’s very easy to become consumed to only see the negative world we live in, but, like lifting a weight for the first time, in the beginning it seems hard and tiring. But, as you practice it get easier and the real benefits start to show.

My gratitude process is now part of my everyday life, try it for yourself, you may be surprised how different your life looks afterwards.

Here is the link for the Priming Exercise… Please experience it and see for yourself how powerful it really is. 

Patrick David
Director / Head Fitness Coach