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We offer an innovative approach to coaching and training.
For less than the cost of a personal trainer in your local gym,
you can avail a private 1-on-1 coaching client.

1-on-1 Training

1-on-1 training is our most popular programme, which delivers results with world class knowledge, and aims to fix bad habits to make a more permanent lifestyle change. You will be focused on precision based on your goals and current functional movements to immediately get you the results you deserve!

Simple Nutritional

Forget about diets & fads. Our PattyFit Method will get you eating right, the right way at your own pace working with your current habits. There’s a million ways to get results, and what works with one person may not work with another. You’ll have the best methods to date and never be forced into a change you can’t handle!

Results Leading

You’ll go deep within your current routine that hold the reasons behind the start-stop motivation and burst of inspiration that result in you always quitting. Learn to let go of old belief systems, build new habits and structures around your life, and officially take control of your overall health and happiness as your body starts to revamp and renew!

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How to Prevent Impulse Eating

How to Prevent Impulse Eating You’re not alone…it’s happened to all of us! Let me lay down the scenario for you: you are away from home running errands or you are out late because you had to stay at work longer. And you realise that you are hungry. I’m not...

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Lose Weight with Daylight Savings

Lose Weight with Daylight Savings So it’s been in place for about 2 weeks now ….and it’s only just beginning to feel ‘normal’. There’s no more distinguishing between ‘old time’ and ‘new time’… Of course, I’m...

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Health & Fitness is about everything that encompasses your mind, body and well-being.

Looking at all aspects of your life will in turn give you the best results you’ve always wanted


" If you have a goal and are ready to train your body and mind, I would strongly recommend Pattyfit. Patty is a thorough and creative trainer with an excellent knowledge of the body, muscular systems, weight training, diet regimes and interval training. After years of football training, Patty was my first experience with a personal trainer and I absolutely loved it. He is a highly committed and passionate trainer, as highlighted through his extensive knowledge of the human body and vast experience in the fitness industry. From building strength to general flexibilty of the body and body recovery, he has it all covered! Patty is flexible with training times and will devise a personalised training regime to help you work towards and reach your fitness goals. He is extremely reliable and punctual - always set up and ready to start training, with an exercise routine planned. Patty stands out as a fitness role model - he is a fit, dedicated, encouraging, supportive, strong and healthy individual who is inspires all that cross his path. I highly recommend Patty to anyone looking for great quality (and fun) personal training and who is serious about working towards and reaching their health and fitness goals - You will be Pattyfit in no time!
Tez Kernaghan
" I met and have been training weekly and sometimes twice weekly with Patty throughout 2015 and Now starting up again in 2016 .. Patty is a thorough and creative trainer with an excellent knowledge of the body, muscular systems, weight training and interval training. He makes a great effort through communication and connection with me each and every time I see him .. Which can be rare and needed in an imaged focused training arena that I am not accustomed to. He is flexible with training times and always commits when you commit ! Patty is a yes man ! He himself is a fit, dedicated strong and healthy individual which is very inspiring. If you have a goal and are ready to train areas of your body and mind I would strongly recommend booking in some sessions with him !
" Patty's passion and commitment is motivating. I feel like he genuinely cares about me and not just during the 45 minute training session but for my whole week. He will regularly check up on me with how I'm feeling and how my routine is going. His knowledge and willingness to keep learning about his field and keep updating and educating me keeps keen and interested. I never thought I'd look forward to training but Patty has changed my whole attitude. Training with Patty hasnt just helped me in the gym but has also had a positive impact on my life and everyday routine. Thanks Pattyfit!
Daniel Wakim
" Patrick is an incredible trainer, wholeheartedly committed to ensuring you get the most out of every session. He has great patience and knows exactly how to motivate you to be the best you can, and strive for the best results, without putting too much pressure on you throughout the process. His disciplined yet light-hearted approach is the perfect combination to ensure that you feel totally comfortable and confidant about achieving your goals. What is most appreciated is how his approach extends beyond your standard training session, as he goes the extra mile to ensure that your nutritional and mental health are in check too. Patrick also keeps the sessions diverse and interesting, which is invaluable to any training program. Thanks so much for helping me work towards my goal of gaining greater physical and mental strength, Patrick!! (and thanks for the interesting conversations and laughs along the way ? ) I couldn’t recommend you highly enough!
"15 Weeks with PATTY FIT All round good times training with Paddy, He is super committed and passionate about assuring you achieve your own personal goals. Every session made fun and enjoyable however at the same time pushing new limits and achieving your goals. Being a tradesmen I have always suffered with lower back pain & general tightness throughout hips, legs and back - all of which I have no problems with now. - I would put this down to Paddy's knowledge and extensive background in sports, fitness & nutrition & overall commitment to getting you back to a happier and healthier self. Always flexible and always happy to change a session time last minute or adjust his day to suit your own plans or work commitments. A top bloke who genuinely cares about the people he trains and will probably become your friend , not just your trainer!
Joel Leeder
Ive been training with Patrick for 2 weeks now and i can honestly say he is an awesome trainer, he is dedicated and passionate about his work and it comes across in our sessions together. His knowledge is second to none, he has the innate ability to know what is wrong with me and the amazing ability to fix what ever problem i have. Im already seeing the results from his training and nutritional guidance which have exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend him as a Personal Trainer, Fitness coach, Life coach and Motivator.
Gerard Rijcken
I've been training with Patty at Alter Ego Gym for 2 months now and I have to say I'm super impressed with the service I've received. Patty may be only young in his mid twenties but he has trained with some of the top sporting clubs in the country as well as in the US and it shows in his approach to personal training and overall fitness. He has the rare trait as a personal trainer of understanding the importance of the balance between physical fitness and mental and emotional health. He is sensitive enough to understand when to push me harder and when to back off, he doesn't just flog you for the sake of it as most personal trainers do. He is actually super passionate about his work and that comes across in his sessions. He always pre-prepares for my sessions, writing notes on which exercises he wants to do and following that plan on the day which shows me he really cares about my fitness. Im already seeing the results from his training and nutritional guidance which have exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend him as a personal trainer and fitness coach, he is an absolute dude and also really easy to get along with. Patty Fit rox.!
Marrs Corio
So ill be honest.... I love McDonald's, chocolate, donuts and don't forget hot potato chips with mayo. However, everytime I visit Patty and we train, I remember how important it is to eat the right foods and fuel your body with nutrients. The only reason I know this is because of his advise and wealth of knowledge. Not only is he an awesome PT, but he gives you information, checks what you're eating, what you're not eating and how to improve. He motivates you and inspires you. He makes you want to work hard. He makes you want to achieve your goals. You would be silly to think twice in seeing him. Keep up the good work Patty Fit. You are a superstar. Now make me look skinny please ?
Amanda Mercuri
Trainer Patrick is someone who wants the best out of his clients!! No matter what the problem is or how hopeless it may seem to you, Patty will just laugh off any doubts you have and instantly make your goal seem more and more possible!! in the 45minn free session we did he showed me correct lifting techniques and posture. Looking forward to going back! (even though my whole body aches!!):p
Luca Di Nello
Patty is such a decicated and passionate trainer. He really cares, not only just about reaching your fitness goals but helping you work towards a happier healthier lifestyle, and really goes the extra mile to make sure you’ll get there. For someone who was nervous about going to the gym helped elevated that feeling and change my attitude towards exercise. Anyone would be privileged to have a trainer like you 🙂
Chantelle Melissa Muller


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